Any dj that has been working in the event or club market has had the drunk customer or guest come up to them and tend to be over the top. The question is always how do you deal with these folks. Remember most of them just want to have a nice time & this could be their first time out in a while. Your best bet is let them ask or make their requests. If what they are asking does not fit the format tell them that & offer them an alternative. Nine times out of ten they will go with this idea. If your doing an event & you can’t honor their requests then either tell them you don’t have it or you are not aloud to play what they are asking. Once again if they realize the wish of the bride & groom is a strict play list then the guest will understand.

The customer that has far too much to drink has no clue at this point. They are completely selfish at this point. They may not even remember the next day how they acted. What you need to do as the entertainer is to remain calm smile if you can & act like your having fun to get them out of the dj area. Once you do this get your manager & let them know what’s up. Your job is not to bounce but you are a part of the team your eyes do matter. Another idea is to find a friend of theirs that could get them out of the building or to keep the drunk person entertained. You never want to raise your voice if you can help it, you just want to maintain the situation. Drunk people will always be in the party seen & yes you will get upset but the dj that thinks the situation through will always keep the party under control.

These are just a few things to think about. There are many ways to take care of these events but the best way is always with the support of the bar or event staff.

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