This is your big day & a once in a lifetime event. Just like a work of art, you need to know when to put down the paint brush. Like all events you have your set of things that always happen & then you have your set of things you want to add. Being critical of how the tables are set is a good thing but forgetting that the tables are for your guests to eat at is another thing. Your center pieces only have so much room. The amount of folks for each table plays a part to. Think in a simple way about the term elegance vs. got-ti. This will let you know when you are done with each area of your wedding/event. The table was a very easy area to address but dose help us to understand. The dj is another area of concern and more importantly the flow of the day, your requests & song lists is the subject. It’s your big day but you want your guests to be happy & have fun. Don’t over control the dj let them do their job. You supply the outline & the dj fills in the blanks. If you spell out in detail what every minute of the event is to be along with the music then you might as well just get an ipod. Be flexible & let the magic happen. I would say treat the whole event this way. Pick your food, cake and more with what you want folks to feel from the day but let your event have success from letting your services rock it out.