I was thinking lately why I got into the dj business & where it has taken me. In the beginning it was because I loved music & wanted to see people dance as I became more involved it was more about keeping the bride & groom happy & making their day the most fun it could be. Just so many things going through my head right now as I write this. The biggest thing that matters to me now is the focus on what my clients are asking of me. Am i good fit for the event at hand. I used to think I could do any event & rock it but I have learned other wise. I’m a great wedding dj as I know a ton of all kinds of music. I’m a solid bar dj as I keep up with the times. I have become the working dj as I like to say. You tell me what you want & I will focus on the outcome. No one dj will ever be everything to everyone but you can be a solid jock that understands the directive. In other words I got into the business to help people to have the best party & the most fun with family & friends!