i see the moneyYou always hear about Bars talking about finding dj’s with followings in hopes that will cure their bottom line profit numbers. The problem is if you rely to much on this idea you never truly build your profit but have ups and downs. The following should be created by the bar or night club and the staff & dj should keep you customers happy. In other words the marketing is done by the bar & gets folks to come & the dj & staff keeps them coming back. Your dj & staff can only do so much & with the amount of money you pay them, I’m sure they don’t have money to spend on your marketing needs. Also are you giving them a cut of the profits or an on going bonus of some kind? The answer is NO! You pay them a straight fee or wage. The dj’s of today have to buy the music which you are not paying for & they need to maintain their  controllers & laptops. That cost them money regardless & it may seem that $150 to $200 on a Saturday may seem to be a lot to you but after they are done with their expenses they are not really making that much. Take the taxes, music and other things out of the pay they are just making under a $100 a night. Do you really think they are going to spend that on your marketing? After all they still need to eat & pay rent too.

Should a dj have a following yes but it should be grown with in the area the bar or night club is in. It should also be that the bar have a plan to build business on more than one night a week. This means: a plan & budget. Bars have survived on this old school idea that the dj makes the place but once that dj is gone so will the crowd. Bars who embrace the plan & budget tend to make more money & have regulars that are loyal to the bar not the entertainment. Think about this as a team effort & your team will go above & beyond for your cause.