You are ready to get your song list together! But where to start? The dj service may or may not of given you a list to pick from. You may even have a list in your head that just needs to go on paper. What ever the case, you have to start somewhere. You may have noticed there is no list of songs on our site. The reason is we get so much music all the time it is next to impossible to keep it updated. This is what we think the song list project should look like:

One, two, three your done!: Use Word on your computer for this.

1. Formalities: What happens when. This would be your First dance, Father daughter, Mother son, Wedding party & other special dance you want o have happen.  You might have these already picked out as these are songs that are special & relate the folks on your special day. Take your form or word.doc and type out your dances & songs for each you know for sure.

2. Your Top Ten: These are your must have songs other than the songs you have picked for you formalities. Type them on your word.doc as well.

3. Fill in the blank: Now you want to add in fun & formality songs you may not have. Here are 3 sites you can go to that can get things going for you:

These sites keep up todate with current music you can look at. Remember most dj services now have the ability to download any & all music required.

You should now be closer to completing your list of music. The only hold up you might have is if you let other folks pick some of your music or a Mom or Dad are not sure about the music you want to use for their dances.

The websites listed are not owned by us in anyway. We are just giving you sites we think would help you out!