There are all kinds of dj’s: Club, Concert, Bar, Wedding & event dj’s. Each one requires a certain kind of skill. Some of the dj’s have crossover skills. They can work in more than one setting. They understand what is required to perform in each kind of event. For the most part jocks play in one kind of event & tend not to stray. A club jock will have a standard format & cater to only one kind of crowd. They tend not to take requests but watch the crowd very closely. The folks who come to see them know what to expect. The wedding & event jocks work directly for the Bride & Groom or the person who has told them what to play & do. The focus is on the party theme & once again are bound to the contract agreement that the client has asked for. Your Concert dj is just that, they play the hits they have created & it is a show. The market in this area is growing & you hear jocks like this on the radio. Then we come to the Bar suburban dj. This jock has the hardest job of them all & for not as much money. They take requests, deal with all kinds of people & work to promote the bar they are in. They basically have to please as many folks as possible of all ages. It can be an impossible task. The funny part about these jocks is they tend to be either fly-by-night or are like rocks built into the bar they work in. Most of your crossover dj’s do bars & weddings. They are well-known but not over publicized plus easy to find. No matter what the venue is, each dj has their work cut out for them because at the end of the day it is about how the client had fun or how the register rang that night. Dj’s are the host of the organized party that happen every night.

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