How to build trust before they are your client, then keeping the trust after the contract is signed is the idea in this blog. Trust is gained before a client finds you through other vendors who refer them to you, Reviews on line and your online presences. Things like social media, blogs, vlogs and your updated website all play a part in the trust of your service before the client event starts a conversation with you.

After you sit down with your client, you have to back up what they know with the proof in the pudding. Your client will know right off the bat if you are the real deal from the first meeting, so be prepared. They say the person that knows & believes in their product will sell better than the ones that only know half the story. Don’t over sell either as an act of desperation will lose a client as well. Just be yourself & be real. Make sure you are thorough in answering all the questions your client asks. This will build trust as well.

Trust something that is earned but can also be an acceptance of services. I would say in the wedding and event market not all events are for all services. Not all clients should be a sale. Quality is based on the relationship of the client & the service. If all you want is the sale & forget about the reason for the sale, you have lost sight of the reason for doing events.

The last part of trust is the trust in knowing your client was happy with your service enough to give you referrals. They are excited enough to write a great review & send you a thank you note. Don’t get me wrong a “Fat Tip” rocks but additional gigs referred is where the real money is. Build the trust before, during and after the event and your guaranteed to build your business.