Lighting is a tricky thing when it comes to events. You can add to many lights & have overkill at a wedding but if you are at a club then you need to maximize. Lighting creates energy in any dance situation. The key knowing what you want the feel to be. I would suggest using a programmable light controller.

The reasons to use a controller are as follows:

1. Programing: Setting the mood

2. Have your programs saved so less time with programing it self at events

3. Your set up will take less time

4. breakdown will take less time as well.

The thing is you use a controller to make your performance smooth. Also with the use of new programs for your laptop you can have a lot of fun with all kinds designs. Yes you can buy the switch box & turn your lights on & off manually but the amount of time you have djing & being the host don’t you think it is about time to make your life easier?

The programmable light controller is a very smart idea!