We find when djing a event the age of the crowd will set the music ceiling. When a dj at a special event is cut loose to do freestyle they have to size up their crowd. Knowing what the folks may be expecting & wanting to hear. This is not mind reading. What the dj has to do is figure the average age of the crowd. This tells them a few things: 1. When they went to high school or college & 2. The decade they remember best in music. Most folks stop having time to listen to music when they hit the real world. They start on their career path & have less time for entertainment. What happens is their music growth slows down. Less exposure to new kinds. In some cases they stop all together. This is why folks say “New music is bad” “They don’t get it” It is all because they have not kept up with the times. We know music is always evolving & the sounds are constantly being redone to try to stay fresh. The important thing here is the dj needs to read his crowd by age. The success of the event is based on familiar sounds folks enjoy, also effects the dj that gets hired for a event as well. Younger dj’s are more in tune with current music as they have not been exposed or have not wanted to hear older music. They get excited about the hear & now you could say. The older dj’s get hired for their vast knowledge & huge collections. This dose not mean one is better than the other but it does mean each one fits a different category’s. The event will always dictate what kind of dj is needed, It is up to the event planner or bar owner to make the right choice.