Ok so you have hired your dj & you went over all the formalities. Did you forget to talk about dress? If so you will not know if this dj will show up in a Tux, shirt & tie or some sort of company dress. Now this may not seem that big a deal but if you are looking at every detail for look & feel of the night, then you might be upset when your dj starts.

Now you maybe saying “Wow I have to tell people I hired how to dress as well”. Don’t get flustered remember to put this idea on your outline  or list of questions to ask your dj & a mater of fact all services that you hire that are seen during your event. Yes there is a lot to think about when it comes to an event you are putting together. Your best bet is if you can afford an event planner let them take care of the details & you take care of picking out your theme. If you can’t then there are many planning site you can look at to keep you on tract.

It’s your event so make sure everyone is dressed the part!