Custom Design | Custom Song Choice | Event Design | DLK Entertainment ServicesNo matter the event, when you add in a theme you have a few things to think about. The first being will it add to your event or take away from it? Themes can be a lot of fun when it is executed correctly.What I mean by this is making sure any props added keep with the style and class you are shooting for. Adult themed ideas need to be more realistic & less kid like. Take a Halloween concept, Take the time to add the cobwebs & upscale decorations. Stay away from cutouts & to many cartoon ideas. If the event is more kid focused then stay away from the more realistic props. Kids may be scared by Halloween props that look to real.

Themes also take time to set up. Make sure you have enough time to make the area look the part & not just thrown together. A themed event needs that extra special touch, other wise you have just wasted your time.

The entertainment need to understand your focus as well. Let them know how you want them to dress & what music is required to make the event rock. All events rely on sight, sound & smell. The sound should compliment the ideas you have.

The smell & taste of an event can also rock the boat or sink it! If you are doing a Holiday party make sure smells of the season come alive. Pumpkin, apple  & cinnamon are great tastes & smells to fill your event with.

To think about feeding all the senses with sensory over load & you will win your crowd every time.

I may be a dj but when you have done as many events as I have, I think it is now time to share my thoughts. More to come soon.