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Running a bar or club is not easy, and if the reason you got into the bar business was you thought it was easy money, well that is not the case. If you are running a bar then make no mistake you are running a professional party every day & night. You have to be on your toes always planning the next big even or promotion. Just like any business you can get burned out so you need to maintain a fresh out look. What we offer is help with keeping you fresh & excited about your business.

These are some of the things we bring to the table. Our over all focus is to turn your bar over from a boring grab a beer joint to the place to be. Our pricing depends on how much help you want. You need to be open to new ideas in order for us to help you. Otherwise it is a waste of time for us to meet. If you are willing to go the distance:


You have to keep up to date with new products in the market. We will get you connected to the right people and or re-introduce you to the folks you already know. Sometime we bridge the gap between what was & what will be. All we ask is you are up front about what you can & cannot do. These people work well with people that want to try new things & will support them.


These are like promotions but are also help in other ways. By doing tastings of new and old products you get to know what your customer wants and does not want.

Contact us, and let the fun begin!


Bring them in and help a charity you believe in. The community support will help build your business even more.

D and M DJ Entertainment Proudly Offers Our Clients Online Event Booking & Planning Tools from DJ Intelligence



We believe in keeping it fun and exciting. If you don’t take the time to come up with fun ideas, your bar will become boring.

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