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PG weddings or Rated R

In today's weddings we have a new problem to deal with & that is the focus on music. Do you play uncut versions the way the artist wanted them to be herd or do you get the P.C. version? most would say the P.C. version is what should be played but Brides and Grooms are...

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Timeline & Vendors

We are finding that certain companies are set in their ways on the way a timeline is put in place. Some ideas make sense, like when the cake cut should be but why put up a fight about when toasts are done or a first dance is a real question. We know people get set in...

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Songs for your big day

https://www.theknot.com/content/hottest-wedding-songs-for-2015 http://www.bvtlive.com/songs-for-weddings Here are some great ideas for music for your big day! We don't own this information just want to share it!

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Wedding ideas we found on youtube

We don't don't own any of this but decided it would be fun to share with our readers. The wedding day is more then the dj. The look & feel walking into a venue matters very much & the entertainment helps to complete the picture. Let us know what you think?

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In the middle of wedding season…..

Just a few thoughts about Brides & grooms leaving a reception. It would seem they forget sometimes that they are the reason people came to their wedding. Anytime a Bride & groom leave the reception it drains the energy from the event if the event is not in full swing....

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