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It’s All In The Song

It’s All In The Song One of the reason I love working in a mobile entertainment industry is because I get to draw from all of my music knowledge and experience. Unlike some entertainers, I didn’t get into the business to play only one form of music all night. I got...

Who’s Your DJ?

"Who's my DJ?" This is a question that many brides, grooms, and event planners need to ask when hiring a DJ service. The fact is, depending on the company or individual you choose to handle the entertainment for your wedding or event, you may not even meet your DJ...

The Following

You always hear about Bars talking about finding dj's with followings in hopes that will cure their bottom line profit numbers. The problem is if you rely to much on this idea you never truly build your profit but have ups and downs. The following should be created by...

We are now offering a larger services

We are upgrading our focus so we can do larger size events. We are joining forces with many companies in town to provide new wedding & event experiences. The bigger the better! more to come soon!

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