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DJ Battles, Wars, Events, what does this all mean?

The world of dj's is going through a rediscovery right now. The dj Battle is now in full swing. What dose this mean? It would seem the term "It's in the mix" comes to mind. The question is now are you going to a show or to go dance to your cool tunes? I think the fact...

Wedding Expos: What you should focus on as a Vendor!

There are many wedding expos & trade shows. The reasons for them are many: A vendor might be working out of their house and need a place to be seen, Brides & grooms will go to these for one stop shopping and get information or book vendors on the spot, Also is...

Promoting other dj’s

I wanted to touch a pone the subject of referring & promoting other dj's in your network. The fact is we can't do every wedding, We can't book every event & the fact that not all events are a good fit for all of us. To improve your business, I believe...

This year new things going on

Hello fans! We are joining forces with a couple dj companies in the Columbus Ohio Market. We will be booking quickly & being able to answer those questions dealing with making you events rock. We will be letting you all know soon what new services we can offer...

Thinking about why i got into the dj business

I was thinking lately why I got into the dj business & where it has taken me. In the beginning it was because I loved music & wanted to see people dance as I became more involved it was more about keeping the bride & groom happy & making their day the...

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