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It’s All In The Song

It’s All In The Song One of the reason I love working in a mobile entertainment industry is because I get to draw from all of my music knowledge and experience. Unlike some entertainers, I didn’t get into the business to play only one form of music all night. I got...

Who’s Your DJ?

"Who's my DJ?" This is a question that many brides, grooms, and event planners need to ask when hiring a DJ service. The fact is, depending on the company or individual you choose to handle the entertainment for your wedding or event, you may not even meet your DJ...

You just got engaged over the holiday!

You are now on your way to be married! The question was popped & the answer was YES! A few tips on how to hire the right wedding services you will need: Don't hire on the spot! Do your homework about each vendor you are looking at. Read reviews and look at their...

Wedding ideas we found on youtube

We don't don't own any of this but decided it would be fun to share with our readers. The wedding day is more then the dj. The look & feel walking into a venue matters very much & the entertainment helps to complete the picture. Let us know what you think?

In the middle of wedding season…..

Just a few thoughts about Brides & grooms leaving a reception. It would seem they forget sometimes that they are the reason people came to their wedding. Anytime a Bride & groom leave the reception it drains the energy from the event if the event is not in full swing....

Your big day is in the hands of who?

I want to continue on the topic from last week concerning how a wedding works on the day of execution. I have planned a few weddings including my own & the hands of the day reside in the one holding the mic. This is not always the dj but is the person giving...

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