Kaleb Murrphy

Disc Jockey

Kaleb Murphy

Disc Jockey

I began my path as a DJ in 2016, learning from two notable touring turntablists, DJs Bombay & Top Speed. They taught me the foundation of spinning vinyl – mixing, blending, beat juggling, and cutting/scratching.

Soon after learning the basics of that part of the DJ culture, I began to explore my own music interests as a performer. In the beginning, I found myself entertaining at local parties and dance competitions. Within a single year, I was already hosting some of the largest dance competitions in Columbus, as well as doing some touring outside of the city and state.

As I continued to take turntablism and DJing more seriously, I began to get offers to entertain at weddings. DJing weddings is now what I specialize in, bringing my own unique sense of style to each wedding at which I perform.

If you’re looking for an entertainer that can cover all styles of music with a little extra flair, I might be the choice for you!


D&M DJ Entertainment

dandmdjentertainment.com • 614.604.9400 • 23 E College Ave  Westerville, OH 43081