Mark Derenberger

CO-CEO / Disc Jockey

Mark Derenberger

CO-CEO / Disc Jockey

Back in high school, Mark Derenberger was simply the guy who brought the music and controlled the stereo at all of his friends’ parties and get-togethers. But upon graduating, he got my first real taste for the entertainment business while accompanying another aspiring DJ to an event. That night ended up with Mark in charge of most of the music selection and crowd motivation, which ended with an applause at the end of the party. Just like that, he was hooked.

A year later, Mark had entertained at my first wedding and landed his first DJ residency at a nightclub in Lancaster, OH. School dances, private parties, and corporate gatherings were not far behind, further expanding his knowledge of how to entertain a variety of crowds for different events. What started as simply having fun playing CDs at parties as a teenager had become an actual job, and one that he fell in love with, at that.

It wasn’t long before being an entertainer became Mark’s primary occupation. Though most DJs also hold other jobs, the one constant for “DJ Aladin” has been the unconventional career of music entertainment. Clubs, pubs, elaborate weddings, tailgate parties, company holiday events… he has truly done it all. While some of his peers got into (and out of) the industry just to be part of the party atmosphere, Mark knew his reasons and his passion for entertainment were far deeper and pure. It was always about creating an amazing atmosphere and taking a crowd on a journey. He wanted to create magic, but not just so that he could be the center of attention. The thrill was in seeing the faces of those experiencing a level of enjoyment that only the emotion of music can bring.

Some of Mark’s career highlights include performing for professional sports teams and opening for mainstream music artists of every genre, from hip hop to rock to country. While he has certainly enjoyed the opportunity to work with famous individuals and bands, the thing that has always been more of a sense of pride for Mark has been being part of creating the perfect personalized atmosphere for those who are lesser known. Brides and grooms on their wedding day. Students at their first dance or prom. A couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Employees at annual corporate parties. Attendees at formal balls. Those are the events that drive Mark Derenberger to forever continue in this wonderful line of work.

While he says that he has lost track of the exact number, Mark can confidently say that he has had the honor of DJing dozens of school dances, over one hundred corporate and private parties, hundreds of beautiful weddings, and thousands of events in total. He would love to be part of yours!

Lacey H.

Mark at D and M DJ Entertainment helped make our wedding day perfect! When we met him, we told him what we wanted and he made it happen. Two weeks before the wedding, I asked him to help me add a special message to my precessional song. All I can say, is that he did an amazing job! I was so happy and we definitely surprised my husband. Mark was funny, energetic and definitely kept the crowd on the dance floor. If I ever need DJ Entertainment again, I already know who I’m calling. Mark, thank you for everything!! The Flakes 1.26.24

Kristen F.

My biggest vendor choice for my wedding was the DJ. I was most nervous for this because I love to dance and wanted everyone to be on the dance floor all night. Well, Mark Derenberger brought it! Our dance floor was packed all night and we had the best time! Mark not only did a great job as our MC, but he blended all the songs well and kept the party going. I was that bride who picked out all our songs for the dinner music and dance floor, but the way they were played was all Mark. Mark also sent me a mix of my top songs I wanted to be played at our wedding beforehand and it was awesome! I listen to it all the time. D and M DJ Entertainment were great to work with from the beginning. Everyone was responsive, professional, and the online portal is easy to use. Thank you SO MUCH Mark and D and M DJ Entertainment, you made my reception exactly as I imagined it to be.

Sienna P.

MARK WAS AMAZING!!!! We wanted a personal mash up for our entrance that we were going to give him but instead he brought it to life without us even asking for help!! The dance floor was jumping the whole night and everyone told us how hard it was to get off the dance floor!!

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