The best part about being a dj is the equipment we use. It is always being Improved a pone & fun to play with. My latest is the Numark NS7. It’s not the newest one out there but since I have never had one before it is new to me. Yes I did buy it new! Also now is the time to go get one as the price is dropping fast.

The NS7 works well with Virtual DJ & Serato DJ. I use Virtual DJ & this is what I have been used too. I’m not saying this is the “Be all-end All” this is what I am comfortable with. Just like anything “You like what you like”. Now Serato Dj may be in my future & then again, there may be a newer improved software yet to come. As I am the dj I need to use what I know. The NS7 has giving me new life in the world of event & club work.

The things I like the most about this product is the following:
1. It was easy to learn for me.
2. It took me back to my roots (30 years in the biz)
3. I had it all set up & rockin in under an hour
4. The motorize turntable are just plain fun!
5. The communication between the software is solid
6. Loops & hot cues with the reverse function LOVE IT!
Over all for the money it was one of the best deals in my life so far.

Now just to be clear, I just got it & had no problems as of yet. The test will be time! Go check it out!