In all business there is competition. Many say they are the enemies and they want their business. In the dj world it is a different story especially when you are a one person show. You can’t do more than one show a night but you can do 2 or 3 a day when you have things scheduled right. That does not mean many shows in a day will be a good thing either. All I am saying is it is possible. You need a referral system in place and people you “like-know-trust”. This is why I say my competition should be part of my inner circle of friends.

The way to build this is to show the big 3 “Like-Know-Trust”. Feel good about the referral you are giving to your group of folks you trust. The way to tell who to refer clients to is to know who you have received business from. There should be give and take. If you are always referring business but it is not being given back then you know that either you are not on their top ten or they do not trust what you do. There are some those that just don’t do a lot of gigs & will be available. That dose not mean they do not do a great job, that just means they don’t push for a gig every weekend. There will be nuggets along the way from dj services the over book as well that will give you business. Remember them as they need work as well plus if you trust them that is half the battle.

The saying “keep your friends close but your enemies closer – Sun Tzu” applies here. We are all in business to be the best & make money but we are not an island in a stream. Build your business with network partners that “Like-Know-trust” each other. Only then will you stay alive in the market!