This is a personal preference & not one is better than another. Dj’s have light shows & a ton of music & Bands have their style & energy. Each one has pro’s & con’s to what would be the best event to use them in. Yes this is a Dj service but we do respect all forms of entertainment. To know which is better is more a question of service & performance. The dj has to have solid equipment that is up to date or is properly maintained. The band also has to do the same but a band could go acoustics (No Power needed) the benefit of that is no power no problem & can play in more areas. A dj has to have cover & power. The dj can change the mood faster & keep the sound Constance as they can take a break but not stop the music. A band will need to take breaks & when they are not performing the feel of the room changes. I think it is a matter of what is important to the folks that are hiring the service.

When you are hiring a dj, you only have to deal with one or two people. When hiring a band you are dealing with 4 to 5 plus. You have the human condition to deal with. But less stress with a dj in this situation. With a seasoned dj you don’t need to ask them to learn a new song. In the case of a band they will need time. Also it is easier to hire a dj last-minute then band. A band is always best used in a solid plan & build up to your event. They are a show, the attraction always. A dj is not always center stage & sometimes an after thought. Most dj’s play what you want & don’t say much over the mic. At weddings dj’s are not to over shadow the bride & groom. They are there to add to the event not take it over. After all it’s the brides day.

At the end of the day it is never a question of a band vs. a dj but a question of which is right for the event you are putting together. It is best to know your crowd & what they want. To know your client & their desires & to bring together all the things that will make the event rock! Remember Dj’s & bands also work well together for a continuous sound.