Here is our take on equipment. When booking a dj you need to know if they maintain their equipment not if they have the latest & greatest. Just because a dj uses cd’s or ipods dose not mean they can’t do their job. The style or devices used are not the question. The question should be do they maintain their equipment? Do they have back up? Can they do the job you hired them for? Those are the questions you need to ask. There are many ways to deliver the sounds you are looking for in todays world. I think the big thing is the look and feel. Is the equipment used all beat up? or has it been kept in good condition? You kn ow you are dealing with a solid dj if everything is in solid shape.

Everyone can argue the point of who is and is not a dj and you can say “ipods & cd’s” are out. But if the person you hired dose their job you won’t even know what they are using anyway. What you will know is they did the job you hired them to do! So dose the equipment mater? The answer is NO! What dose mater is do they maintain the their equipment!