We don’t recommend you do this. If you are hiring entertainment you need to think about it first!  If you need to think about this have a back up list. In other words have other dj’s you like on a list that you have interviewed. This way you have a solid back plan & won’t fall victim to not knowing if you have the right person for the job.

As you build this list as the following questions of each dj you interview:

1. What are the charges for last minute bookings?

2. Can they provide all the same services you need?

3. What is the latest time you can call to book?

The idea of knowing you are set will put your mind at ease. It would seem this would be a no brain-er but you can’t always count on the Jock your hired to have back up. You need to be forward thinking in todays market as you just never know when a solid back up plan will come in hand.