Hi everyone! The question of the week is why hiring a new dj or someone that wants to break into the business? The Pro’s: They are cheap. They need to build a fan base & this is where they offer their services for less money. You can tell them what to do without them getting upset because of not having an ego yet. They will want to do a good job as they need you to recommend them. They will only play your music & not get away from your list. The Con’s: Their equipment may not be the best or even bran new. They will not know what to do when they do not have direction. Limited music & have not learned to read a crowd well. They may not be able to handle problems or react to them that most seasoned jocs could deal with.

You really need to think about if they are what you need for your event. You will say I’m saving money but if it is your big day your Bride might not be happy with the outcome. It is all about the end result at the end of the day. Did they do what you needed them to do & was it fun. If the answer is yes! You got a deal & they got someone to talk highly about them. If the other side of the coin happens well you know the answer. The point is to really think about what you need & who you will trust to get the job done!