As a dj I have run into a ton of folks that feel they need to control everything at an event. They tend to not trust the services they book or not let them do the work required. This blog is focused on the best ways to deal with these folks so you can still do the best job you can do. If you are a person that tries to control read this with the idea you hired or have been given the responsibly to work with these folks.

Here are 5 things you can do:
1. Locate the person in charge first thing when you get to the event. Let them know your there and ask them where you are to set up. You may know this but you are letting them know you know they are in charge.

2. Show them your notes & go over with them what is going to happen when. There may have been some changes you don’t know about & this will take care of that.

3. Small talk is a good way to break the ice so they feel they can trust you. What this dose is put you on the bottom of their stress list. You become the last person they need to worry about.

4. During the event check in with them once or twice so they know you know where things are at.

5. Last remember they are just trying to do the best job possible & they feel it has to be perfect. Don’t take on their stress. Concentrate on your service & do what you came to do & things should go fine.

You will never make a control freak totally happy but you can make your life easier by communication.