Here is a standard timeline for most wedding receptions. You can find this & other ideas of this in most wedding planners & most wedding services will have them as well. As I speak to most Brides & Grooms in to days world, I remind them there is no right or wrongs to the flow of their day. There are things they should think about but mostly it will all come down they want their day to flow like. Feel free to copy this timeline & make it your own. Please add your comments below.



Prayer by:


Toasts & Thank you’s:


Event/Wedding style:                    Cake             Cocktail          Buffet            Sit down


Cake Cutting:                    Nice              Naughty

*Note: If you are naughty during the cake cut remember you will need to get cleaned up


First Dance:


Father Daughter Dance:


Mother Son Dance:


Bridal Party Dance:


Song to open the dance floor with:





*Note: During the Garter & Bouquet the songs would not be played completely


Dollar Dance: 

*Note: On going slow songs


Anniversary Dance:


Last Song of the event: