In to days wedding market most of the time a dj with two speakers & a microphone is what you see. Their is concern for having the best party in town but not always in the dj service hired. Figure most weddings right now around $26,000 & the average amount of money spent on a dj is between $600 to $1000. I want you to think about what you want your best memory to be from your wedding. Most folks will say they want there guests to say it was the best party ever. With that said think about the person who you want to hold the mic. Your wedding planner will not have any control at the point this person gets on the mic. It is up to you think this through! Also how the room is set up for dancing comes into play as well. If you are going for a surround sound set up then you have to think about “money”. This concept requires more than four speakers. You will need to look at the room your using. Does it lend it’s self to this idea? Just turning up the volume will not take care of this idea. Just many different things to think about.

The best way to figure out your needs is first sit down with your planner & explain your vision of the event. Talk about how the dj will interact with your group. This will establish style & flow of the day. Next talk about sound, where do you want the most concentration of sound. One way to get great sound for the introductions is to use the venue’s house sound. You will get full coverage without being to loud in one area. You will also want to talk to the venue directly about ideas they have as well. Sound isn’t a difficult thing but you need to have your placement correct. You also need to remember you get what you pay for. You don’t want someone to yes you to death only to have them do what they think you want. to sum it all up:
1. Think about your big day & what you want it to sound like
2. Consult your wedding planning about what you are thinking
3. Talk to the venue about what they think, what they can do & your focus
4. Hiring your dj with your findings at hand to make sure they can do what you want

It is better to have your plan in action with a strong result idea.

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