The world of dj’s is going through a rediscovery right now. The dj Battle is now in full swing. What dose this mean? It would seem the term “It’s in the mix” comes to mind. The question is now are you going to a show or to go dance to your cool tunes? I think the fact that we have battles keeps the dream alive of that perfect sound or mix alive. In certain surroundings a mix dj will rock the stage & kill it hard but in the the suburban market you have a much more subdued jock. The customers are different & the focus is on the mingle. The battle is different as it is about comfort & fun with birthday parties, bridal parties and more. The downtown jock has a different set rules to live by as they are in a setting where the customer can’t get to them & they have a playlist to follow which they create from the rules of the bar they mix in. The battle lets the jock put together their personal mix & the message they wish to send. The Battle in other words wakes up the idea why a dj gets into the business to begin with. I think that is what it means.