Do their job.

So many times people hire services only to do the job for them. You hired a the service for a reason. Let them impress you with their services. There have been many times where I have been hired only to be given a list of music & been told not to play anything else. The whole night is outlined & I become a human Jukebox. Yes it makes my life easy but if the music is not what the guests want I become the bad guy. There are also times when the time line dose not work for their event & to make it work is impossible. Once again not being aloud to do my job I was hired for. I’m not saying that I need to control the event but I am saying that a little wiggle room & the ability to take requests is not a bad thing. You want your services you hire to make your event rock.

The important thing to think about is your event as a whole. If you have taken the time to hire all the right services & give them the information they need then let go. Your focus should be on your role & guests. There are many things that each service does that you may not know, it is up to each service to be a loud to make your wants fit & customize to how they do business. You should always listen to what each service can & cannot do. Also remember to haggle to much & expect more is an unrealistic goal. In the event world you get what you pay for.

The bottom line is to let your services you hire work for you not you work for them. If you have any related questions about this blog please comment below! Take care & we hope your event rocks!