This idea does not really apply to the dj as the dj takes what is handed to them and plays the music. The style depends more on the medium rather than the person playing the song, meaning the dj. The can follow trends based on what is popular & accepted by the groups we cater to. There are internal trends that involve equipment all dj like to follow. Could be size or sound and or it could how the items in question work. Dj’s in today’s market are also becoming entertainers. Use of new equipment to produce songs and remixes are the direct style of the new dj but I think that is an incorrect statement. A dj in my mind is a person who mixes music together in a live setting either club or event. An entertainer is the producer of unique music that rally’s an emotional response from a crowd. When looking at these dj style entertainers, it is better and proper to refer to these folks as entertainers. They provide style set trends.
The real dj is the person you know locally. He or she is the person who brings you the sounds of the entertainers who ever they maybe. Bands, vocalists & producers what ever the new style or trends maybe. They will get you to have fun & dance the night away and even bring a tear to your eye during the father daughter dance. Styles and trends are set by others where this dj makes sure you get to hear it.