Have you ever notice the chain of command at an event? If the event run smoothly you will never really know who is in charge. If however you see someone barking orders then you can guess their is no one in charge. Even thou you can say the bride or groom are the boss, they rely on professionals to follow an internal leader. That person could be the Event planner or maybe even the dj. Now you can say these folks don’t cook the food or dictate what each service does but they do have direct impact on the flow & if the food is served hot.

Think of it like this. Bride and groom arrive late to their reception the food is at the point that it really needs to be served. At this point the Dj & or event planner needs to urge the couple to alter their introductions & flow of the event to make sure their food gets to the buffet or table still warm. Remember the largest expense in most events is the food. If there was not good communication between the services & respect you can guess the food might of been served cold.

The Chain of command is not a power trip or control freak situation it is a way to have folks know who to talk to about the event. The person who is in charge is a time keeper & project manager. They keep the dj up to date on when things are going to happen & when changing up aspects of the event is going on. In a lot of events on a budget 9 times out of 10 the dj is the only professional on hand. It is important to make sure your dj can think on their feet. After all it’s your day & you are the person the focus is on. Let your event planner or dj work the event so you can have a great time!

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