Like all businesses the reality of being on time as a entertainer is most important. People expect you to be ready to perform on time and set the mood! You can argue the point that a dj is just a dj but I have to say they are the conductor that commands the direction. All events have a timeline of things to happen. The dj in most cases are the ones who help in the design & execution. The point I’m trying to make is if the person you are hiring to do make the event happens shows up late to first meetings then why would you expect them to show up on time to the real deal.

Being on time in the case of a dj matters in all meetings. It matters that proper communication is in place. It matters that they take as much pride in the event as who it is for. Think of the dj as the one who will make or break the event. They set the mood & they set the standard of how things will happen. They will set the standard from the very first meeting so the importance of being on time is the single most important issue in building trust before a single song has played.