Your list comes from many places: Your family, memory & guests. Depending on your event will depend on what is most important. If you are planning a wedding then the spot light is on you. Folks will follow your lead. If you are dancing then your guests will dance if you are not a dancer then your guests may also not be dancing. If you are planning a Lunch or dinner event your music is back ground. If you are planning an outdoor event then once again your music is not top of mind. If you are planning a dance then you need to take a look at your guests. What do they like to dance to? All these ideas need to be thought about when planning your song list. You only have so much time in an event to plan music. In an hour can can play on average 15 to 20 songs. That is not a lot music & at a 4 hour event you really don’t even more than 80 to 90 songs. That number seems big but remember the list in your mind has tons of songs you would like played.

Here are some quick tips & ideas for you design of your song list:

1. Know the kind of event your having

2. Think about what you want your music to do

3. Remember your guests: Your guests will have more fun if you play what they like: so ask them!

4. Family is important in some events, ask for their input

5. What is your goal: is the music the most important thing at your event?

And 6. If it is your day but you want your guests to have a great time let them request.

Remember it is the little things that make your event shine & music always is in the back of everyone’s mind.