As a dj in the market there is not always fair pay for the amount of work provided. Dj companies that have a huge staff have a responsibility to pay their staff correctly. Now I know that there are owners that will disagree with what I’m about to say but I challenge you to think about who is going to get them re-peat business and who will still be around in years to come. Here is what you should think about. If your dj is providing 90% of the equipment, If they doing all the work with the bride to set the day up & meeting to the point that makes the bride excited about their day, If they are buying the music & also making sure they have insurance, the break down in pay should reflect the work done.

The bottom line is your dj makes you money. They work with the vendors at each event, They get your business great reviews & in turn build your business. Your dj is what keeps your business going. Now I’m not saying they get more than what is right as you have expenses as well. But the break down on what you make per gig should look something like this:

2/3 of the pay should go to the dj

1/3 of the pay goes to you

Gig pays $500 The dj should get $332 & the company should get $166

If your more like me, I want the dj to have $400 & I would take $100 to cover booking fees & to show that I mean business that they are important & I’m not looking just for a weekend warrior or some college kid that is looking for a quick buck for some extra cash.

If you believe in your business & the reason why the big day for a bride is one of her most important days of her life then pay your guys right. Other wise you will lose them to your competition or they become your competition. Build your team to last not to run you out of business!