Something to think about when you are designing your event & what your floor plan should look like. First think like a guest, you would not want to be placed in front of a speaker during dinner if there is no surround sound would you? In most dj situations the sound for dinner is coming from the dj area. It is best to have the dj right next to the dance floor centered in the middle of the room. Sound will be directed to all areas of the room and not have guests in front of a speaker.

Sometimes it is a design thing where they want the dj out of the way. I think the way to approach this is by working with the dj to make their area more inviting. The sound of the event has to carry through out the room for toasts & dancing. Don’t let your design get away from the function and purpose of the dj.

The last thing is to remember you can make your event look & sound right with a team effort.