Your event or wedding is your event! But you have hired folks to perform tasks that requires you to fill out paperwork. The success in your event is in the details. Your event planner can guild you to the perfect wedding but they are following your dream & outline of what you want. You need to look at the forms that are given to you & set dead lines for when they will be completed by.

Each service has forms for you to fill out. Your limo service needs drop off & pick up times. Your cake service needs to know how many folks you are serving, what your flavor is  & theme. Yes even your dj service has “need to know” information.  Do not assume any of these services know what you want. Yes they know the industry & how events go in traditional form but once again this is your event. If you wait to the last-minute on your music, there is no guarantee they will have the music you want also even if they can down load on the spot there is always the possibility it will not be available. The point is work on your paperwork in a timely manner.

Each service in the market will be handling many clients, you are not the only one. Be mindful of this so if you do have questions you can get on their schedule & complete the work asked for. We are not saying you are in a race against time but we are saying you need to get your details in place in a reasonable amount of time.

The bottom line is this: Why is it important to fill out all the event paperwork? The answer is if on the day of your event, the services are not responsible for what they don’t know. No paperwork filled out then you get what you get.  We all want your day to be the event you always have wanted & we want you to give us great recommendations. We just need the tools to do just that!