I want to continue on the topic from last week concerning how a wedding works on the day of execution. I have planned a few weddings including my own & the hands of the day reside in the one holding the mic. This is not always the dj but is the person giving direction during the event. 9 times out of 10 this is the person that has worked with the bride & groom directly to put the events together in a way that the Bride & groom wish their day to go. There are times that the timeline will under go changes based on the the things they wish to do or what they feel are most important. The end game is whatever timeline is the final draft that the following people have copies: Wedding planner, Caterer, Photographer & the DJ.

The DJ tends to be the one running the show the day of! Keeping the timeline seamless is key. Keeping the dj up to dates is partitive. I always say it dose not matter the order at the end of the day as long as everyone knows the order of events during the day. This way the food will be hot, The pictures will be taken on time & the flow of the day will be perfect. You will have people that feel that there is only one way to do a wedding because that is the way they have always done things but the reality is the day belongs to the “bride & Groom” and no one else!

So relate this back to the dj & what their function is they keep the timeline in place, they make sure your music is what you want & they work with the other vendors to make sure all the pictures & events happen in a timely manor. If you are going to a dj company ask them how much they pay their dj’s? Ask them how long their dj’s have been in the business? If you find that the dj pay is low & the amount of years is less than one, you might want to question the quality of work you will get for your big day. The key is training & backup, Just like any business is the company is taking 2/3 to half the pay you might want to hire another company as they do not value their employees in the way they should be. That is even if they are providing the equipment & music. The dj should make at least half if equipment & music is being provided. If the services is using subcontractors that have all their own equipment then the pay should be 2/3 to 3/4 of the pay as the company is only providing clients & the dj is charged with building a solid review & repeat business from that clients family.

At the end of the day the wedding belongs to the Bride & Groom & the companies they hire are here to make their dreams come true!