I was looking at my dance floor lately & it got me thinking about Dancing through the ages. Styles, Ideas & why we danced at different points in history. At one point folks danced to create rain or to ask God for help. We danced to show level of class. The dress was just as important as it also added to the flair & understanding of the event. Then years later we hit the big band & the subject of swing, waltz & other dances took on new meaning. The music was labeled based on the note count of the song. Folks would count out in their head what each song would be & how to dance to it. Then rhythm & blues took a strong hold & free style became the next idea. The idea to dance without any idea on how to move but we moved any way. Country music brought the idea of line dancing to the front line. There were other lines dances that folks remember like “The Stroll” & religious wedding music that is still played to-day at receptions. We can’t forget polka’s  & where other kinds of ethnic music comes from as well. No matter where you come from there is music & dance in your family tree. We have danced through the years & now we are at a point where there is no right or wrong as we are all making up our own dance moves.

So the question is this: Is it dance or something else? We can say no it is not dance because it has no instruction & it is not a learned idea. We can say yes because it is a sign of expression. Folks tell me all the time they do not dance well or they feel they would look stupid. The bottom line is there is not right or wrong! Get out there and dance & have fun. You will not look any worse or better than the next person! Just have fun. Hey also check out your family history, you will be surprised at what you find!