How important is the equipment the entertainment uses to you? We think it should be very important so you know your event will not be at a loss if something were to happen. In today’s world everything is being upgraded & updated almost every day. Back 20 years a go it was all vinyl, cassettes & even 8-tracks. 10 years ago it was about cd’s & compact systems. In today’s world it is now about down loads & computers. New technology is happening so fast & entertainers needing to have all the right stuff. So much happening all the time.

Dj’s know they need & want to stay up with the times. But is the money there for them to make this happen? Are they learning the skills needed to work the programs needed. All the dj’s I know in the market are keeping up to date. The big question is really the dj you choose keeping their equipment in good repair.

Equipment will always fail at some point but it’s up to the dj in question to do their best to do preventive maintenance. It is not a bad idea to ask about this idea either. Some dj’s have said if their computers or ipods fail it is not their fault. This is clearly a dj that just wants to take their customers money. What is the back up plan? What do they promise if their equipment fails? Good questions to ask & answers to know. Granted if the power goes out then this is not the fault of the dj but also another good question to ask.

The thing to know about any solid dj company is they will use equipment they can stand behind. Not over used junk they are waiting on to fall apart to buy more.