The new world of the dj! The song lists are growing daily & to keep an ongoing list after a while has become overwhelming. The reason for this blog is to show where brides & event planners can find music for the big day. I Could always supply a list but with all the wedding & event sites I don’t think I need to at this point. Tastes in music change & so I have made a list of places to go to look at lists. You will find each one below will have some of the same songs but I would still take a good look as there are always a few nuggets of gold to be found.

Here is a list of formalities that you can use to find the music you need.

Wedding Ceremony
Prelude Songs
Processional Songs
Bride Entrance Songs
Interlude Songs
Recessional Songs
Postlude Songs
The reception
Grand entrance:
Cake cut:
First Dance:
Father daughter:
Mother Son:
Bridal Party:
Open the dance floor with:
Bouquet toss:
Anniversary dance:
Dollar Dance:
Last song of the night:

Links to use for your requests best-wedding-love-songs


Google Wedding song lists


YouTube wedding song list Video’s


There is a lot more if you look but at the end of the day, IT’s YOUR DAY! Your music of your life to share! This information in this blog is not mine, I claim no ownership! Just great information to share!