In today’s weddings we have a new problem to deal with & that is the focus on music. Do you play uncut versions the way the artist wanted them to be herd or do you get the P.C. version? most would say the P.C. version is what should be played but Brides and Grooms are starting to ask for the the rated R versions & asking for them to be played later in the evening. This would not be a problem if it was not for the fact that kids are staying longer. It is hard sometimes as people are accepting of music with the F bomb & other words being used in the music. The comments tend to be we let them listen to the music anyway.
Over all it is the client who is asking for the music to begin with & the dj to ask if they know the content that the music has. We like to look at this as a question of family friendly or not. It is up to the client to be the ones to let the dj company in question what they want to do!