We are finding that certain companies are set in their ways on the way a timeline is put in place. Some ideas make sense, like when the cake cut should be but why put up a fight about when toasts are done or a first dance is a real question. We know people get set in their ways but if the Client wants things to be a little different why we not make sure their wishes are taken care of? I think that each vender that effects the timeline need to learn to work with each other. The bottom line is that the d.j. is the one that has the mic & the control on how fast things happen. No matter who else is in the room this person is the one who keeps the event going. We believe in working with everyone & we could careless the order of things & what the formalities are as much as we have things set so we can do our job. We will give advice based on experience but will not say that is the only way things can happen! It is the clients day & we are here to make sure it goes according to plan!