You are looking for a dj with a cool sound system. You think because it is brand new that the dj must be a great dj. STOP! How good a dj is, is based off their testimonials & references. Any dj can get up to date equipment & brag about what they have. Don’t get pulled into their fantasy. Get to know them a little & learn about who they are then decide to hire them. Granted brand new equipment means 99% chance of no equipment failure & great sound but any dj in the business will have solid equipment & a back up plan if anything were to happen. If you are a new dj reading this remember as you grow in the business you will great if you apply your self. Don’t boast about new equipment, talk about your skill level & remember weddings are about customer service. The Bride or event planner will call the shots to tell you what your roll will be. If you are djing in a nightclub always remind the folks hiring you the club mix is always different then the event mix.

New equipment is nice but folks need to hire on talent.