That is the question! Are you the type of person that walks into a hip hop bar and request country? Do you forget your surroundings? What the things you look for in a bar that makes you happy? Is it the dj, bartender, the theme or maybe everything all together. Since this is a dj blog we are asking these questions because of what we are seeing in the market. Folks that walk into a suburban bar tend to think the dj should have their kind of music for one reason or another. This thinking is flawed. To make an assumption based on what you want without looking at what the dj is playing is completely stupid. The dj will tell you up front what they will & can do. Some don’t even take requests but that may be a bar rule not their rule. Another way to look at this is you order the beer you like and the bar don’t not have it but you persist on asking for it that night. Do you think the bar will run out right at that point and get it? I think not, you have to order from what they have. This is the same kind of thinking in the dj world. No one dj can have all the music people want, this is not a realistic idea. Also just because you like a song does not mean it is right for the bar in question. Dj’s who give in to this by downloading on the spot & maybe not pay for the music tend to run the risk of killing the mood or getting caught by the music mafia. You know who I’m talking about. The bottom line is you will never like all the places you walk into, so don’t try to change them. Take the bars as you find them & just relax.