Your going to have a holiday party & you have a dj! What else are you going to do during the event. The reason why we ask is, you need to give a reason for the party. Games & fun things going on. If you don’t do much more than put a dj in the room & a bar. The most that may happen is folks will dance a little & the rest of the time sit around & talk. You need to have a plan. An outline of fun things to happen all night long. If your a company don’t give out all your awards at once. Do them through out the evening. Run contests & activities that get the crowd moving. Some folks will come get the meal & their award then leave. If that is what you want then the crowd will leave half way through the night. If you think you know whats best every year but the crowd does the same thing every year, then rethink your plan. Yes it’s your party just remember to add the fun! Think out side the box. Karaoke, a photo booth & trivia are great things to add to the night! Maybe do a game show. Todays Holiday parties require a little more effort & need the fun added. Djs are a good start but you have to think more.