The new year is right around the corner! You might be planning the big New Years Eve party & wanting the world to join you. You may be going to a friends house or even out to club. Most of these ideas will have entertainment. Dj’s are widely used. Depending on your focus you need to think about the jock & style you want. Not all dj’s are good for all events as I have said before. Private parties I always say get a request dj as your guests will request anyway. If your a club owner then you are thinking about the jocks you have & maybe getting some one new. If you are the owner stick with the jock you have! Your regulars know them & will feel more at home. Over all think about this night as your personal party & you want it to rock. Now you might want to think about if your dj drinks. If this is the case have a talk with them so they pace themselves. They are going to get drink from all your regulars at the club. You just want them to know this is still a business. If you are doing the private party idea the dj should not drink at all. There is no room for a sloppy drunk dj at any party no matter what. To wrap this up Holiday parties are about your guests & make sure they have the best time! Your dj should understand this & want this to be the case!