During the winter months weddings can be a high point. In December venue are decorated for the holidays & the nice part about this is less decorations needed. There seems to be more joy in the air around this time. An easy feeling for folks to enjoy all events & weddings they are a part of. The dj in this case can have an easier time moving the crowd & building excitement.  Lighting can be as simple as a mirror ball. This is a classy idea to add that will not take away from the dance & fun that night. Your churches will also be decorated for the holidays, it is a win win if you ask me. If you are ordering your flowers in season you will save money there as well. It is almost like saying winter weddings are discounted just by the holiday season. Of course some folks will want a wedding feel not a holiday feel which is understandable. You should look at the big picture an mold your ideas in place. Remember if you don’t need to spend the money then you save. This is just some food for thought!