Have you ever been in a bar or club when the dance floor is packed & the groove is with the dj? This is when the dj is in the mix. They seem to know what to play next & the energy is just to much fun. This mans a few things: 1. they know their crowd & understand what drives them. 2. they also understand the expectations of their guests. 3. They enjoy their work. This feeling & skill is learned over time. You can say with out a shadow of a doubt they have plenty of empty dance floors so they are driven to make the party happen. Hearing the crowd get excited when song after song turns them on is a drug in it’s self to the dj. It’s a feeling or a high that tells them “They know they are doing the mix right”. The problem is when the club owner staeps & tells them what to play then get up set at the dj when the crowd dose not respond. The dj is the entertainer & the club owner is the operations. Note they are not the DJ! Let your dj do their job you pay them for. If the groove never happens then replace the jock, other wise let the dj get their groove on!