All dj’s have an idea of how they mix & interact with the crowd. They have gotten into the business because they like to play music & have fun. They want to see their dance floor full of folks having a great time. The question is their mix your mix or is their focus on your event to make you happy. It is a fact that dj’s tend to have an ego & not want to admit they have crowds that do not respond to what they play. They would rather just tell folks about the big shows that really made them who they are. It is important to look at all things that make up the dj you are talking to. If you are going to a bar to watch them dj, remember that is their home so-to-speak. The folks that are coming to see them already know what to expect & on average the dj will always have a dance floor pact or at least have folks having a great time. Do not base your judgment on just that idea. Always look at the big picture. We are talking about their mix so the real reason for checking them out is to hear what music they spin & what are they comfortable with. In most mix shows you will hear a trend & that trend is what the dj’s mix is. Now do realize that weddings & events are different from the club & bar setting. The style is always dictated from the environment the dj is in. Take a minute and think about the style & mix you are thinking about & ask yourself if it truly fits the event you want it for. If the mix fits then go for it & if it dose not then the dj may be over selling them selves. It is always up to you!