Andrew Kuszmaul

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Andrew Kuszmaul

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From an early age, music has always played a prominent role in Andrew Kuszmaul’s life – from his beginnings in the middle school band, to running the sound at his church as a teen, to performing as part of the honors chorus in high school. While most of us can truly say we enjoy music, not everyone has had it so front and center through their younger years and into adulthood.

Upon moving between the Ohio cities of Warren and Columbus, Andrew became friends with many of the well-known local DJs in the area, observing and learning everything he could from some of the best in the business. Absorbing the atmosphere that they created while paying strict attention to how they guided the crowd simply through the way they presented the music, he realized that something was calling out to him to be part of that kind of creative energy. Through networking, patience, and practice, Andrew was able to secure valuable wisdom and training through one-on-one teaching sessions with many of these friends and colleagues. With several years of dedication and experience performing in front of dancing crowds, Andrew has been able to put his love for music to work, bringing smiles to club patrons and wedding guests all around central Ohio.

Andrew Kuszmaul has entertained at a wide variety of clubs, bars, and private & public gatherings in Columbus and the surrounding area, further honing his natural talents each time he performs at one of these events. He cannot wait for the opportunity to be part of yours!

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